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What is CYS-CJS

Chaim Yakov Shlomo College of Jewish Studies, established in 2004, is an intensive academic institution which will grant smicha (rabbinic ordination), which is linked to the Master of Hebrew Letters (M.H.L.) degree, and a B.H.L. or Bachelor of Hebrew Letters, a degree designed for lay professionals in the Jewish community.

The Smicha Program is open to students with very substantial traditional Judaica background. It is a post-yeshiva graduate program. The Yoreh Yoreh ordination, or ordinary rabbinical ordination, is the culmination of a one-year, four-quarter intensive program which focuses on traditional studies but which includes modern skills needed for a successful career in the Orthodox rabbinate.

The B.H.L. (Bahcelor of Hebrew Letters) is a four-year evening program of three or four courses per trimester for twelve trimesters or 120 credits. The program encompasses several types of learning: traditional lectures, tutorials (hevrusa learning), individual study, and web-based learning, In addition to a firm knowledge base about Judaism, students will be qualified as a “para-rabbi” and prepared to work as a Jewish professional in synagogues, day or supplementary schools, or the Jewish community service worlds as highly qualifiedly leaders for the Jewish community.

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